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What day is it? By default, our calendar of holidays and events displays the current date. To get another date, just select year, month and day you need. Moreover, if in the selected year and month are holidays, observances or events known to us, they will be marked on the calendar. To get more information about these dates, click on them in the calendar.

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Note: Gregorian Calendar is used as the basis. GMT/UTC±00:00 time zone is used for calculating what day is it today. According to your device's settings, today's date is

US Standard Calendar

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

August 2019


- The orange background color marks the date that you selected.

- The violet gradient color marks US holidays and observances.

- The blue color with dark blue squares marks significant events.

International Standard Calendar

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

August 2019


About Calendar of Holidays and Events

Our calendar of holidays and events answers the question "what day is it" but not only. Using our calendar you can know the future dates of holidays and observances within a period up to the year 2030. At the present moment, only US holidays and observances are included in our calendar of holidays and events. However, we plan to broaden the possibilities of our calendar and gradually add to it the holidays that are celebrated in other countries. Using our calendar, you can also determine what day of the week was or will be for any date within the period from 1920 to 2030. Thus, you can know the day of the week of an important for you date; for example, you can know what day of the week you were born. In our calendar of holidays and events the most significant world events starting from 1920 are shown. Our calendar will not only help you to discover these dates, but will also indicate what day of the week was then.